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Litepanels Gemini 2×1 LED panel/ The Light You Have Always Needed

This ultra powerful 2×1 LED panel has a huge features list, so here is a greatest hits listÉnn¥ A naturally soft yet powerful light n¥ Built in ballast / 6 pre-set colour temps n¥ Gel mode allowing a variety of conventional gels colours to be selected n¥ Full hue-saturation-intensity control n¥ Full RGB control / n¥ Effects mode for TV, fire, lightning, emergency vehicle etc n¥ Flicker free n¥ Ultra-smooth dimming from 100-0% n¥ LCD screen to view all settings. n¥ Easy and fast to set up, itÕs perfect for so many shoots!nnTechy stuff:n¥ Beam angle 93 deg n¥ Weight 10kg n¥ CRI 98 n¥ DMX

Litepanels Gemini battery adaptor

This dual V lock battery plate attaches easily to the light stand and allows you to power the brilliant Gemini light from camera batteries.

Aladdin Bi-Flex 4 / Giving YOU the ultimate in flexibility

Gaffered to walls or in one of its soft boxes this ultra-light and bright 200W flexible LED light with bi-color has a crazy amount of applications. Built up it has a similar form factor to a Kinoflo 44 but with a lot more output, bi-colour and weighs next to nothing. Due to its large size it can light a large scene and in its soft boxes it makes an amazing interview or beauty light. You can disassemble its frame and pack it down into a small tube and take it with you anywhere in the world. nPrepare to be impressed!nReplaces / Kinoflo 44, Diva light, Celeb light, heavier less portable led lightsnnTechy stuff:n¥ 2900k Ð 6400kn¥ Flexiblen¥ Dimming to 5%n¥ CRI over 97n¥ Bi colourn¥ Weights 2 poundsn¥ Can be battery poweredn¥ Super compactn¥ Beam angle 140 degn¥ Dimensions 1080x300x5mm

NEW! Dedolight DLED 12 Daylight / LED is getting serious

With 300W of Dedolight daylight led power being maximized through a brilliant aspherical lens design this is a powerfully creative lighting tool for the new generation of productions choosing to use more and more led technology with all the benefits it offers. Incredibly shapeable, dimmable, with a built in ballast to keep it easily portable, this light is effectively an led hmi. Pop in some cto gel and it is tungsten as well.nReplaces: 575 & 800W HMI nnTechy stuffn¥ Dedolight aspherics2 opticsn¥ Focusing range 65-8 degreesn¥ Built in ballastn¥ Power consumption 308Wn¥ Dimming from 100-0%n¥ DMX controln¥ Super quiet fan cooling systemn¥ Weight 11kg

Dedolight Turbo 7 Bi Colour 3 head kit / The best just got even better!

The original Dedolight 150 lights are a classic and their position in the lighting hierarchy has never been challenged, until now. These 90W bi colour units are classic Dedo, well built and stand alone in what they can do you for you on small sets or large. The output is impressive for such a small unit, helped by the great optics from Dedo. So you can dim, shape and change colour to your hearts content and not burn your fingers, itÕs been worth the wait.nReplaces: Dedo 150, 300W FresnelÕs.nnTechy stuffn¥ 90 w outputn¥ 8 to 60¡ Spot-to-Flood Adjustment n¥ Double Helical Focusing Mechanism n¥ Colour Temperature Adjustment: 2700-6500K n¥ Active Silent Coolingn¥ Set includes colour effects gels, diffusion and a focussing unit to give you a razor-sharp shape if required

NEW! Dedolight DLED 10 Daylight / Your lighting life just got better

Love to have a compact, powerful, focusable and dimmable 220W lightweight LED light that runs cools and can be put up in seconds on your set? Here it is!nThe combination of legendary Dedolight aspherical optics, ultra-bright LED with a unique focusing system means this light is something special.nComes with a small chimera to give you a beautiful soft light if required, and pop in some colour correction gels if you want to have a 3200 or 4300 unit. nnTechy stuffn¥ Aspherical opticsn¥ Super quiet innovative cooling systemn¥ The clever beam concept from Dedolightn¥ Focusing range 6.6:1n¥ External ballastn¥ Power consumption 308W

NEW! Dedolight DLED 9 Bi-Colour LED / The evolution of a classic

You could say this is the big brother of the turbo Dedo 7, this high output LED light with its larger Double Aspheric Optical System puts out noticeably more light and focuses from an amazing 4 to 50 degrees. Being a compact size light it is super portable, can also be run from a V lock battery and is an extremely versatile tool that will help you achieve the best results on your shoot. Try it, you will love it.nReplaces: its a bit unique. nnTechy stuffn¥ Beam angle / 4-50 degn¥ Colour Temperature Adjustment: 3200-5600n¥ Dimming / 0-100% n¥ Tilt control features permanent friction n¥ Max Power Consumption 90W

Victor 4×1 LED Soft light / Big light, Bigger output, Small day rate

Larger lights give a broader spread of light to either cover a larger area or give more wrap around light to your subjects and with this one having 300 watts of soft LED light pumping out of it you get great results with your images. Similar in bulb size to a Kinoflo 44 but bi-colour, so many times brighter and fully dimmable this is literally, a lot of light!nReplaces: large hard lights through diffusion frames, more expensive lights with less output.nnTechy stuff:n¥ Strong and soft, no additional diffuser need.n¥ Barn doors to give some control over the light directionn¥ Bi-colour 3200K to 5600K, from Tungsten to Daylight variable.n¥ High CRI of 96 and above.n¥ 120¡ wide beam, flicker free.n¥ Flicker freen¥ Rear LCD display of the brightness and colour temperature.

Victor 2×1 LED Soft light / Light well and light FAST on a budget

200watts of super easy to use soft bi-colour dimmable light. Outputting more light than similar sized fixtures like Kinoflo Diva and Celeb lights and having a very budget friendly day rate, you just place it on a stand, point it and turn the nice big dials on the back and away you go, room or interview lit!nReplaces: more expensive lights with less output nnTechy stuff:n¥ Strong and soft, no additional diffusor need.n¥ Barn to give some control over the light directionn¥ Bi-colour 3200K to 5600K, from Tungsten to Daylight variable.n¥ High CRI of 96 and above.n¥ Flicker freen¥ 120¡ wide beam, flicker free.n¥ Rear LCD display of the brightness and colour temperature.

Sumo 100+ light / Big power-small light

This is your smaller than normal yet powerful LED panel light with interchangeable optics to give you different spreads of light as required. You can run it as a hard light or fit its high quality soft box and diffusion and get a beautiful soft lighting effect. Available in daylight only for max power or bi-color.nReplaces: larger light panels with less powernnTechy stuffn¥ Runs on mains or V lock batteriesn¥ Powerful Output up to 1,800 Lux [167 fc] at 3m [10 ft]n¥ Interchangeable Optics for 30¡, 60¡ Beam Anglen¥ 0-100% Dimming Rangen¥ Flicker Free at Infinite Frame Ratesn¥ Passive Cooled, No Fans or Moving Partsn¥ 90 W, 12-48 V DC input for V Mount Batteryn¥ Fixture Weight 2 Kg

Aputure 300d Daylight LED / super light & bright!

This little light is a real performer, easy to set up and delivers a lot of punch. It can be your small hmi or fit its light dome soft box and you now have a large beautiful soft beauty / interview light. Can be run from the wall or by V lock batteries.nReplaces: 300W hminnTechy stuffn¥ Over 31000lm, 142000lux @0.5m (With Fresnel Mount)n¥ TLCI?96,High Colour Renditionn¥ Ultra Silent Fan, Noise Low to 18dbn¥ Dual Power System

Felloni LED panel Light / The classic

Trusted by so many clients for classic light panel performance. From case to working on battery power in seconds if need be, and you can run it as it comes or soften it right down with the diffusion we provide for you. Slim profile, light weight, the all rounder of the panel light world.nnTechy stuff:n¥ Weight, 2kgn¥ Mains or battery poweredn¥ Dimming 0-100%

Aputure Amaran / Petite, odd looking, surprisingly powerful

This quirky looking little bi-colour light will surprise you with its output. It has a nifty little clip on silk and runs for a ridiculously long time on NPF batteries. Great for traveling or those tight little spaces. nnReplaces: 1×1 panels for travel

SWIT Flexible Bi Colour LED

You can mount this light anywhere, even a light stand if you wish, and these things run for a VERY long time on a V lock battery. Bi colour, flexible and waterproof, this compact light has a million uses.nnTechy stuff:n¥ Flexible Bi-color SMD LED lightn¥ 280pcs ultra bright surface mounted LEDsn¥ Flexible 10¡-360¡ lightingn¥ 50W power, 1200Lux @ 1 meter centern¥ 3000K-5600K continuously adjustablen¥ 0-100% flick-free dimmingn¥ Super high CRI Ra?97, TLCI?97n¥ Separate controller with LCD touch screenn¥ Support DC / V-mount battery 11-17V inputn¥ Water proof fabric for outdoor usingn¥ Portable X bracket for lighting stand mounting

Westcott Ice light 2 LED / Daylight in the palm of your hand

Brighter than before, built in diffuser and battery powered, this ultra portable light can be hand held, stand mounted or gripped to all sorts locations on set to give you a great look.nnReplaces: Kino tubes, lights with the wrong form factor for the job.nnTechy stuff:n¥ 1740 lumen output with 97 CRIn¥ 5500K daylight-balanced outputn¥ Ultra-portable for handheld usen¥ Weighs under 20 ouncesn¥ Removable Li-ion batteryn¥ 60+ minute runtimen¥ 18-step dimming from 5% to 100%n¥ Digital output displayn¥ Built-in bluetooth capabilitiesn¥ _Ó-20 threads for easy mounting

LED ring light

Simply attached via a noga arm this easy to use and light weight bi-colour LED ring light gives you the classic ring light look.

Aladdin A lite / Micro lights have made big advances

Slim profile, bi-colour, dimmable, internal battery and clip on diffuser, you can use it on the camera, in a car, hidden in your set, or in so many other placesÉnn¥ Light Source: Super high CRI Power LEDÕs (8W)n¥ Beam Angle: 140¡n¥ Flicker-Free n¥ Dimming: (5%Ð100%)n¥ color temperature: 3000¡KÐ5600¡Kn¥ 1hr 20 run time at full outputn¥ Dimension: 156 x 80 x 11,5mmn¥ Weight: 205gn¥ Power input: Micro USB 3,6VMounting: 1/4 Screw