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Lens Accessories

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Matte Box

This is the smallest lightest little PV matte box yet, and you can even remove the hood so it is just a clip on filter holder. Perfect for using on a Movi or similar. It is 114mm clip on as standard or you can add the 15mm rod mount adaptor.

Tiffin PV variable ND

This fantastic high quality variable ND fits into the tray of your matte box and allows you to maintain your desired lens stop and ISO by having the perfect amount of ND at all times, and when using cameras with insufficient amounts of ND it supplies the extra required. It also has the added function that if you reverse the clip in filter you can rotate it to either warm up or cool down your white balance. This product has been a long time coming.

E mount to PL adaptor

This adaptor allows you to use PL lenses on the Sony E mount cameras giving you a huge increase in available lenses for the cameras including cine style primes and zooms which bring with them higher quality optics and increased ranges or of focal lengths / zoom ranges.

TLS PL doubler

This simple and high quality PL lens doubler is what you need when you need to extend the range of your lenses, either primes or zooms. The extender has multi-coated optics for professional 35mm film lenses.

Redrock Micro wireless follow focus

This affordable and easy to use follow focus allows for precision wireless focusing. The powerful motor will drive most cine lenses, and expands stills lenses to a full 270 degree throw for maximum accuracy. The remote finger wheel is brilliant for operators of the Movi M10 wanting to control their own focus.

Optitek EF to Sony FZ adaptor

Developed to allow the use of Canon EF lenses with the Sony F55 camera, this clever little mount opens up the use of a great range of cost effective lenses and the ability to have manual aperture control from the adaptor.

Arri FF5 cine follow focus

This is the industry standard focus follow, it easily adapts between 15 and 19mm rails, has incredible build quality, single or double sided, and precision movement like a Swiss watch, all you need in an FF.

Bright Tangerine Viv production matte box

3 stage rotating swing away rail mount or clip on matte box. Carbon fibre construction, top and side flags. Works with lenses from 52 to 138mm ft dia, 2 of the 3 stages rotate 360 deg, a very versatile matte box!

Bright Tangerine Misfit Matte Box

3 stage rotating swing away rail mount or clip on matte box. Carbon fibre construction, top and side flags. Works with lenses from 52 to 138mm ft dia, 2 of the 3 stages rotate 360 deg, a very versatile matte box!

Metabones speed booster

This reliable and now industry standard Sony E mount to EF adaptor not only allows the use of Canons great lens range on Sony cameras but also boost the speed of the lenses by 1 stop. Rubber gasket protects E-mount connection from dust and moisture.

Metabones Adapter

Allows manual aperture control and the use of Canon EF primes and zooms with the Sony Nex series of cameras, including the high speed capable fs700

PL lens macro adaptor

By using this simple adaptor behind a PL lens you convert it into very cost effective macro lens.
Not as close focusing as an actual macro lens but you can get a hell of a lot closer to objects than with a standard lens.

RT motion 2 channel wireless follow focus

The modern smart-motor form factor has enabled the smallest receiver on the market, and the performance of the whole package is very precise and performs up to the high standards required by industry professionals, it is also durable and user friendly.nAs one of the first to use brushless motor technology, RT Motion Motors give unparalleled smoothness, reduced noise and four-times increased service life than normal brushed servo motors. nPerfect for professionals who need to keep light and mobile.

Chrosziel super wide B4 matte box

Lightweight 2 stage rail mounted matte box to cover lenses like the Canon HJ14. Includes the flexi ring system for fast and easy fitting to the front of the lens.nWill accept 2 x PV or 4×4 filters, or a combination.

Chrosziel Studio Follow Focus

Compatible with15 mm rail systems. Includes pitch gears for cine and Canon HJ lenses. German precision with a solid high quality build.

B4 to Sony FZ Adaptor

A great piece of kit if your shoot would benefit from having the ability to use the zoom range and DoF of B4 mount tv zoom lenses along side your other lens package. Switch from PL or Nikon mount lenses to a Canon HJ11, 14 or 22 when your shoot requires. Manual operation or remote servo zoom when combined with a V-lock battery. The B4 lenses retain their 2/3 inch sensor DoF.

Nikon to Canon EF

Use the amazing little cine mod Zeiss ZF full manual or classic Nikon AIS primes on a Canon DSLR or C300.

Canon 2x 1.4x Extenders

These compact and very useful extenders work with the 70-200 EF zoom lens. The 2x loses 2 stops, the 1.4x loses 1 stop.


PV, 4×4, ND grad, ND flat, ND blender, promist, pola, let us know what you need.

Arri b4 to PL adaptor

This optically high quality adaptor allows the use of B4 lenses such as Canon HJ22 and HJ14 with PL mount cameras, including Amira and Sony F55.With a stop loss of aprox 2 stops this a great adaptor for use with sports and wildlife filming plus many more applications.