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Tilta Gravity G1 gimbal

High quality hand held gimbal.

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Good to know

This stylish looking hand held gimbal is easy to use and will give you smooth camera moves.
It is ideal for the latest mirrorless style DSLR cameras.
Helpful features like the app which allows you to tune it as you like and the handy little foot plate that allows you to sit it down on a flat surface are some of the features that make this a great little one hand gimbal.
There is also a kit to configure it to use with dual handles if desired.

Techy stuff

The G2 Handheld Gimbal System uses the same technology as the Tiltamax Gravity 3-Axis gimbal to stabilize camera systems but in a smaller, more compact setup. With a maximum payload of up to 8 lbs, this gimbal is ideal for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, and GoPros.
The gimbal allows for full 360 degree rotation on the pan and tilt axes as well as 60 degree rotation to the left and right on the roll axis.
Four modes are available: pan and tilt follow mode, tilt lock mode, fully stabilized mode, and roll lock mode. These modes plus the ability to undersling your camera give you endless possibilities to achieve whatever shot you have in mind.
The Gravity G2 is powered off of four 18650 rechargeable batteries which last up to 10 hours of operation.
Press the power button on the gimbal three times consecutively to auto calibrate the gimbal, which works to sense the camera payload and then configures the motors to your camera package’s ideal operating settings.
The app allows you to adjust each motor’s torque, dead zone, acceleration, and speed for your specific needs. It also lets you set up a wireless timelapse mode as well as a way to control the axes of the gimbal remotely

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